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Topia is the most intelligent bird in the world. Yes, you guessed right, she is an American Crow.
I know a lot of humans don't like crows or think little of them. Well, let me talk to you about my friend Topia.
Her loud caws come far from above the top of the trees. As she nears my home, they become louder and louder.  I know I will see a spectacular landing as Topia flys between the tree branches at an incredible speed, tips her wings as she zigzags between them, then fans her tail, and delicately lands where she chooses to. When I see her do that, I almost wish I could fly.
Topia has style. She walks with dignity and purpose, just like a Queen. Her intelligent eyes seem to look right through you. This of course could explain why she always knows where I'm hiding, it wouldn't surprise me if she can read my mind!
We have great talks. Here she is, explaining to me the differences between a pond, a creek and a lake.  She is very detailed in her descriptions of the vast forest she surveys and warns us of any danger she spies.  

Topia has an interesting range of vocalization. When she communicates with her children and family, her caws become a variety of sounds. Sometimes, her long soft caws sound more like a song. Shortly after, I hear someone answering her call. It's really neat, distance communication without the internet !

Topia has developed a taste for peanuts. She manages to take two in her beak, then flies away. 
She is a bird with great courage. One day, without hesitation, Topia helped some blue jays fight off an attack by a Northern Goshawk. She dove towards the predator and cawed as loud as she could, flying around it. More crows joined in and saved the day. She is a great bird but most importantly, she is my friend.
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