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For middle age readers 9 to 12 years old. 
Pages: 175, including a glossary, 11 illustrations and 1 map.

Parents, grandparents and kids have read my book. One teacher bought 30 books for her students. Kids commented on how cool it was to have a map. Others mentioned the length of each chapter allowed them to read a chapter a day. Of course, every one loved the illustrations. Kids told Chris they really enjoyed my adventure. She also received beautiful letters thanking her for having written my story. 
However, you can't please everyone. What's important is to enjoy what you are doing and know that you brought joy to many people.
You can order my book on line.  For the French version,
«Gem-Bem et le mystère de la boule de branches»  visit Gem-Bem's french website at:
Gem-Bem and her best friend Chardé venture into the deep forest. They are searching for a big stretch of water reported by a guard of the rabbit colony. While exploring the deep forest, the two adventurers discover a strange and mysterious ball of branches. In their quest to solve this mystery, Gem-Bem and Chardé share moments of humor, happiness, surprise and fear. They learn the value of true friendship and the importance of being there for each other and their friends in times of need. In living this great adventure, one question remains. Will the mystery of the ball of branches be solved?
The book retails at $16.75 + $7.00 for handling and shipping cost for Canada, total $23.75. 
For purchase from USA, click Buy Now button below. Book retails at $16.75 + $ 9.95 for handling and shipping cost, total $26.70 cdn.
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