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Knock On Wood - Ian Tamblyn
description: Ruadan's song
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The most wonderful day finally happened. Rachel came over with her son Ruadan, pronounced Ro-han, a Celtic name which means red hair. Yes, I know, leave it to Chris to come up with names !  Anyway, I never forgot that day.
I heard Rachel announcing her visit. I was so excited, I ran to the birdfeeder and waited. I looked up the maple tree and there they were, mother and son. He looked down when Rachel said hello and had no idea what I was. After all, it was his first long flight and the kid had never seen a cat before.
This was to be his first lesson on how to land on top of the birdfeeder and get some suet. 
Rachel lowered herself on the tree and stopped when she was at the same level as the birdfeeder. Then she flew to the sidepocket and got a big piece of suet. Ruadan waited for his Mom but called her every second.  She flew back and fed him the delicious peanut butter suet. Next, Ruadan would have to try this by himself.  Boy ! The kid has a temper !  He tried three times, missing each time the top of the feeder. Ruadan got so upset, he flew away, calling his mother. Rachel went to calm him, they would try again tomorrow.
The next morning, Ruadan made it to the top of the birdfeeder. But, after he landed, the poor kid didn't know what to do. Mom fed him again. I have to say  Ruadan is a determined young woodpecker and so is Rachel. She would  get him to like peanut butter suet so much that he would learn to land on the birdfeeder and get his own snack no matter what.
Many days have passed since then. Ruadan now comes to the feeder every day. He is a good looking kid. His crest is beautiful and when he lands, he puffs it up like you see in this picture.
Male woodpeckers have a distinctive red moustache and are a bit bigger than the females. 
The forest would not be the same without their presence. 
Next year, I think we should get a bigger birdfeeder, don't you ?
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