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Book Title: Gem-Bem, and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches
Author: Christiane D'Aoust
Illustrated By: Brock Nicol
Age Level: 9 to 12
Gem-Bem, is a gentle and friendly cat. Together with her forest friends, Gem-Bem embarks on an adventure to solve the mystery of the ball of branches.
The spirit of the mystery story is cleverly revealed by the curiosity of a well-intentioned community of animals.
Through the eyes of the adorable forest creatures wonderfully illustrated by Brock Nicol, the reader embarks on an adventure that blends the layers of a captivating story with boreal forest animal facts. D'Aoust does a marvellous job of telling a complex story, and shares facts in simple language.
The easy conversational writing style, the logical flow of the story, and the twist of a mystery story makes this book a new classic.
Christiane D'Aoust has created a rich allegory that redefines for a new generation of readers and listeners, the value of true friendship and the importance of being there for each other and their friends in time of need.
Gem-Bem, and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches, is a rare and special treat that simply must be savoured and shared by children, parents and educators.
Reviewed by:
Jo-Ann L. Tremblay
Vice-President Review Podcasts,
Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region
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