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Friends, amis, amigos, cool dudes, are very important.
As a cat, I enjoy basking in the sun, enjoying the warmth of the rays on my tummy and relax, undisturbed. But most of all, I enjoy the company of my friends. I see many of them near my house and I do travel great distances on my territory to see others.
I have a variety of friends. Some are very small and others are quite big, some have fur like me while others have feathers. I guess you can say that we all come from a different background and this makes it very special.
I have learned a lot from my many friends. We all have different behaviors and nutritional needs. I have the privilege to own a sleeping basket full of comfortable cushions, lots of cat toys and my masters feed me. My forest friends sleep in nests, burrows, woodpiles, hunt for their food and keep an eye for predators. In the forest, and I assume in the human world, respect is the key to friendship and accepting others for who they are.  As different as we may be, we all learn from each other. 
However, I did learn a few things by myself. I was once sprayed by a skunk, almost stepped on by a deer while I was sleeping under a bush in the front garden and came face to face with a bear cub.  But these minor events didn't stop me from enjoying my walks in the forest. 
Unlike humans, many of my friends stay in their burrows or dens in winter. I miss seeing Caramel and Charlotte's family. Boy, as much as I enjoy my cat basket and toys, winter without seeing them is very long. Fortunately for me, the wild turkeys hanging around my territory keep me busy as well as all my other friends such as Rachel and Ruadan, the colony of rabbits, Topia and her family who all stick around during the winter months. 
I hope you value your friends and take care of them. In the forest, we look after each other. Don't be afraid to greet new friends.  Variety makes it interesting and allows you to learn more about life.
A page is dedicated to each of my friends. I will add more friends soon, so stay in touch and have fun getting to know them !
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