Gem-Bem's website - Company Message
 A very special thank you:

Ms. Pamela Logan: Canadian Wildlife Federation.
For your permission to use Hinterland Who's Who Raccoon Fact Sheet for my book and to be authorized to refer my readers to your site. Thanks to Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Mr. Bock Nicol:
For the great illustrations of my forest friends and myself for my book ``Gem-Bem and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches``.
Mr. Ian Tamblyn:
For allowing me the use of his beautiful music for my website. From his CD called ``Over My Head``, parts of ``Early Morning May`` and ``Knock On Wood``were chosen for my website pages. Mr. Tambly is a musician, a playwright and a great adventurer. 

The Ottawa Humane Society:
For the warm welcome and the tour of your facilities. Thank you Lori and Allie.

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