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Edmond and I met in the early summer. There he was, near the house, choosing carefully his lunch  as I was starting my daily walk into the forest. I had seen groundhogs before but never one like Edmond.
He stopped chewing when he saw me and said: Hi there, I'm Edmond. This is a great place, you're territory I assume ?
He was so funny and friendly, we became buddies.
Edmond grew as the summer went by. His body got chunky and his silvery fur coat became rusty-red in a few places. Edmond soon became friends with all the animals that came to visit. He enjoyed my territory so much, he asked me if he could build his den here. Of course, I said yes and Edmond went to work. Groundhogs use their large teeth and strong claws to dig and Edmond got busy.  
Edmond is in paradise, there are many clovers, dandelions and grass to eat. He also enjoys grains as you can see in the picture. Yes, he even became friends with a wild turkey, only Edmond, the lovable groundhog.
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