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One day, I was having a cat nap in my garden and enjoying the sun. Suddenly, I felt something go by me at incredible speed. Being a cat, I had to investigate. I went down the patio steps that lead to the side of the house and saw a stranger sitting besides Caramel's bowl. I didn't want to scare it away without knowing what it was. It felt my presence and looked up in my direction, ready to take off in a second. So, I introduced myself and said: ``Welcome to my territory``.
This stranger was very nervous. Without saying a word, he took off. One hop from his long and strong hind legs and he was gone. I just had time to tell him that he could come back anytime, but he was already gone. I thought I would never see him again.
The following year, he came back, all grown up. Chris named him Comet. She bought him some 
special food and I found out he was a hare, a snowshoe hare. Of course, we became good friends.
Comet has a unique characteristic. His fur changes from dark to white in winter.This made sense to me, white snow, white fur, what a good cover. On the picture, you can see Comet's legs and white specks of white fur on his body and around his ears that had yet to change to his spring coloured coat.
The shy and nervous hare soon became one of the gang. Caramel and of course, friendly Edmond always enjoy his company.
Hares are a dominant species in our Boreal forests. However, like many other wild animals, they are being pushed deeper into the forest due to new constructions of homes in the rural areas and climate changes.
Having Comet as a friend is a real privilege. 
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