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I visit my friend Charlotte as often as I can. She lives on my territory near an old oak tree. Charlotte is my raccoon pal and also the proud mother of 4 baby girls and 1 baby boy. We met at the birdfeeder when she was just a few months old.  Charlotte is a cool raccoon and also very beautiful.
Sometimes, she visits me.  Here she is, telling me  about her day at the pond where she took her babies for swimming lessons.  That's right, during the first summer following their birth, Mom raccoon has to teach them how to swim, climb trees and hunt for their food. 
Charlotte has unique characteristics. The black mask around her eyes gives her a mischievious air. Then, her big tail with rings around it is very pretty. She has a delicate  pointed snout and white round ears. Her coat is thick with brown and gray coloring.
When spring arrives, I usually walk to Charlotte's winter den. She spends the cold months snuggled up in her den. She lives from the fat stored by her body from eating all those nuts, corn and whatever she can get her hands on at the end of the summer.  
Charlotte is a healthy raccoon. Sadly, many city and forest raccoons carry parasites and some may have rabbies. If you see a raccoon, remember, it's not a pet. Watch it from a safe distance, but be smart and dont get too close.
I have shared many adventures with Charlotte. Read about one of them in my book "Gem-Bem and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches".
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