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This tiny little rabbit is my best friend Chardé. She is not a hare but a domestic rabbit living on my territory. It's a long story but you can find out how we met by reading my book.
It didn't take long before other rabbits showed up. The black one is called Martha, she is the Chief. Napoleon, with beautiful chocolate brown ears is the Chief Guard.
Steve built a house for the rabbits and placed it near the edge of the forest. On the front right side, you can see a rabbit. He is smaller than the bowl of water!
I learned many things about Chardé's family.The members of the colony rely on the Chief Guard for their safety. Here, Napoleon is making sure the area is safe.
I am a very lucky cat. The colony of rabbits are so happy to be living on my territory. Actually, I admire the little guys, well some are not so little. Napoleon is as big as I am ! 
A nice lady from Manitoba who reviewed my book was surprised that I had never seen a rabbit before I met Chardé. In Quebec, domestic rabbits don't live in the forest. Perhaps she is confusing rabbits and hares. Chardé's family came to live on my territory because they were abandoned near my home. We do have hares and the first one I met, my friend Comet, came for a visit only a few years ago. Actually, Comet told me he had followed one of the rabbits.
I'm happy to have introduced you to some members of the colony of rabbits and my special friend Chardé. 
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