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Gem-BemI made many new friends when I moved here.
The first one I usually see every summer morning is Caramel. I have to say for a chipmunk, he is pretty cool !  In the picture below, you can see him taking a short cut on my front porch. He is on his way to the birdfeeder to look for some sunflower seeds for his morning feast.
Caramel has a reddish-brown coat. On each side of his body, you can see a beige and black stripe, the black fur extending to the end of his reddish tail. His sparkling black eyes seem even more noticeable due to the cream colour fur around them. His legs are tiny but he runs very fast and climbs with ease to the bowl of seeds that hangs in a basket. For his small size, he is quite loud. Near the end of the summer, Caramel starts collecting seeds for the winter. However, even in the summer, he brings lots of seeds in his burrow. I guess it must be for a rainy day. When he goes by the porch, I am amaze he can still run with his cheek pouches full with seeds.
On his way back to his burrow, Caramel stops to talk to me. We do have an understanding, I only pretend to chase him if other cats are around. After all, I have my cat reputation to consider but I would never hurt any of them.  
Caramel has many friends and has no problem sharing. Here he is having a drink of water with Earmuffs, the squirrel.
Caramel and Earmuffs
When the snow starts to melt in late March and spring is on the way, I know Caramel will be the first one to emerge from his burrow beneath the ground and come on the porch to say hello.  
Friendship is not about size. I enjoy Caramel's company. He is funny to watch, works hard at gathering grains back and forth from the birdfeeder to his burrow, is extremely vocal and quite curious. I have to say, if he didn't stop on the porch to drink some of my water or to share some quality time with me, I would miss him terribly.
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