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Preparing for summer and a surprise visit.

Good morning!
We've been very busy preparing for the summer months. I enjoy supervising the work around the house. The gardens are weeded then soft new mulch, on which I will have my cat naps in the sun, is laid on the ground. Chris also plants flowers in clay pots and she never forgets to prepare the sugared water for the arrival of the humming birds. It's a happy and lively time.
Yesterday, we were working in the garden when we heard a loud call from a Pileated woodpecker.

Where is Spring?

Dear Friends,
My forest is still covered with a lot of snow. Yesterday, the sun was shining so I decided to have a sun bath on the front porch. The wind picked up, the tree branches started to swing and back in the house I went.
I know Mother Nature is working hard to slow down the arrival of Spring weather. Last year, there was much damage done to the forest and agricultural lands in the area due to extreme heat and very little rain. Topia, my American Crow friend, had kept us informed.

Christmas Eve

It is a beautiful sunny day. From the bedroom window, I can see bright patches of snow where the sun is reflecting deep into the forest. The forest is peaceful but so full of life. Squirrels are running across my territory, wild turkeys following each other in a line are going by the window, many different birds are flying to the birdfeeder but today, there is excitement in the air. We are all looking forward in welcoming Father Christmas as he and his reindeers fly over our forest.

Welcoming the sun.

Good morning,
As I sat on the front porch, I felt something staring at me. I looked at the big tree near the patio steps, a face took form in it's bark and became clearer. I didn't hear a voice but I could sense it, telling me how sad all the trees had been since last Sunday. 'Hum,' I thought, looking at my forest and seeing all the trees covered with a coat of ice, some branches bent in an unusual way. The more I looked at the trees, the more I saw faces. One looked like a deer. Its branches made it look like it had antlers.

My forest is finally white.

Here I am!
It's been a very long time since my last blog. Chris was busy with booksignings and I tried to stretch my outdoor time as much as I could.
This morning, I saw Chardé and Rachel. My friend Earmuff (the squirrel) was sliding around the birdfeeder. It was funny. We had freezing rain and snow last night so after making sure Earmuff was fine, I came back inside.
To all of you who purchased my book, thank you. Hope you will enjoy meeting some of my forest friends and have fun reading about our adventure.

Summer holidays.

Sorry if I haven't written on my blog. A cat needs to enjoy each summer day. So, I've been busy visiting my forest friends. Topia is now mother of five beautiful crows. She comes for a morning visit with her young ones every day.
While I was visiting Charlotte last week, Caramel ate many flowers in the garden and Edmond chewed all the stems of the echinacae. Chris didn't think it was funny at all.
Hope you have a great summer!

Our garden.

Hi there!
What a beautiful day! This afternoon, I will supervise the work in our garden. A stranger showed up yesterday. Without wasting anytime, he made his way into the front garden and started to eat the flowers. Gee! A new groudhog is visiting us. If he plans to move on my territory, I'm sure Edmond will explain to the little guy that chewing the plants in our garden is out of the question! What are you planning to do during the long weekend?

Earth Day

Good morning,
Today, Mother Nature is very happy. Many humans of all age groups are celebrating Earth Day. Early this morning, Topia (American Crow), Rachel (Pileated Woodpecker), Caramel (Chipmunk) and Edmond (Groundhog) were happily sharing news on the many activities and seminars taking place in our small area of the planet in honour of this great environmental celebration. Every small gesture is a big step in taking care of our planet. Thank you.
What are you doing on earth day?

My book

Hello sunny day!
What a purr-fect way to start the day, the sun and great news! 
I have just learned that my book, "Gem-Bem and the Mystery of the Ball of Branches" is now available. The book, intended to children 8 to 11 years of age, is published in French and in English.
Gem-Bem, a friendly cat, ventures into the deep forest with her best friend in search of a big stretch of water. Along the way, they discover a big ball of branches. Of course, Gem-Bem wants to solve this mystery.


My forest friends and myself would like to wish you a Happy Easter. In the forest, most of my friends will meet and play on this special holiday weekend. I say most because we haven't seen Edmond yet. However, Caramel visits regularly, specially on sunny days. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Have to go, Topia just dropped in for a visit. Gem-Bem.
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